Pocket-sized literature

written by you


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You've written it

Congratulations! Writing isn't easy, and finishing creative work is even harder. But what comes next?

Small is beautiful

We turn short writing - fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays and plays - into professionally edited, traditionally designed, beautifully printed pamphlets. 

We can help

We offer a range of services for independent writers, and we won't print until your work is of publishable quality

Why create a Pamphlit?

 - To hold your work in your hand

 - To share it 
 - For handouts or back-of-the-room sales
 - To showcase your talent 
 - To offer more than a business card
 - To say something to the world, or to one person
 - To serve a niche market with a limited readership
 - To stay motivated before publishing longer work
 - To celebrate your child's work
 - To take you first steps as an indie author
 - For your own secret reasons

End of school year offer for children's writing


 - Up to 650 word of prose, or up to 4 poems, no minimum wordcount

 - Sensitively edited to let your child's work shine

 - Pages designed to look like a traditional book

 - Printed as an A6 booklet (that's a quarter of A4 size and fits nicely in an envelope), with your child's name and the title on a coloured cover and either four or eight pages, stapled

 - Printed to a high standard on recycled paper

 - Includes editing, typesetting, page design, proofreading, printing and postage

20 lovely little Pamphlits for £55